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It seems like every six months or so the big news media will have a story about a blog exploding in popularity due to having a celebrity endorsement, or from having a story that becomes prominent in mainstream media. These situations are rare. To have a career as a blogger, you have to work hard and stick with it when it seems difficult or unfruitful. There are, however, many things you can do to make your blog pay off.

Ads and affiliate programs are the two main ways people try to make money with their blogs. Chosen and implemented with care, this can work out quite well HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . Done haphazardly, it may contribute little or nothing monetarily. These programs, of course, pay off more for blogs that have high traffic levels.

Putting ads on a blog is a relatively easy thing to do. There are many ad networks to join – some of them picky, some not – and they take you step by step through the process of placing the ads on your page. If you do this you may be tempted to put ads in every blank bit of web page space you have, but this is a mistake. Cluttered sites are annoying to many people, and many people will write off a site as a “spam blog” if they see that ads take up the majority of the space on the web page.

Affiliate networks run the gamut from honest to shady, and from lucrative to harmful. Some charge fees to join, some don’t, and some make outrageous promises both to you and those they’re selling their product to ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . If you are careful in choosing an affiliate network, however, you will earn a commission from each sale that comes to the affiliate through your site. It’s important, however, that an affiliate ad be in keeping with the general theme and style of your site.

The first step to making a living from blogging is creating a blog with high quality, frequently updated content. From there, ad programs, affiliate programs, or other monetizing strategies can help you build a successful career in blogging.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know what to write about when creating articles for article marketing? We all go through dry periods, but the good news is that if you have a blog, you have a ready source of articles. Try this: Publish posts on your blog, and then the following month turn those blog posts into articles.

This works with blog posts, but if you have articles or other appropriate content on your site, this technique will work with those too. Re-working content from your blog or website is a great time saver, and if you do this correctly you can get two pieces of unique content with just a little more effort.

You can also keep the content on your own website or blog unique, which is great for your SEO. Google appreciates unique content on a site, so it is to your benefit to rework your blog posts (or other online content) before submitting them as articles. How do you go about reworking a blog post (or other piece of content from your website) to submit as an article?

Great question–here are some guidelines for you:

1) Read over your blog post and jot down the main points. Do not try to rephrase the post line by line. Just scan your article and briefly note the major points. There’s no need to write in complete sentences at this point. You’re just trying to capture your main ideas.

2) When you have your main points jotted down, think about using those points in a different way than the blog post. For example, maybe your post was more of an essay, but perhaps you can make your article into a Top 5 list. You can use the same article topic to create different types of content.

Aside from pay-per-click campaigns there is no sure way to guarantee quick results for natural search engine rankings. There may be some devious methods (I.e black hat techniques, keyword stuffing, link farms, etc) to trick search engines and gain some short term results but it will likely be unqualified traffic and you run the risk of being blacklisted by search engines. If you want to rank better in search engines for your choice keywords the best place to start is with a well programmed, frequently updated blog of valuable content. This is direct advice I received from Google – Good content targeted towards your audience is the best search engine optimization technique.

There are many things and tactics to consider when trying to improve search engine visibility but something you can do on your own that will deliver tremendous value is starting a blog. Search engines tend to ignore static websites that don’t offer fresh content on a regular basis. Bots that crawl the web are constantly seeking new information to index so give them what they want and you will be rewarded with more pages and mentions of your organization being displayed in results.

But, make sure the blog content is valuable. Your audience is seeking information to solve a problem or educate them about something, so don’t use your blog exclusively for company news, opinion pieces, self-congratulation, or event notifications. It’s alright to have some of this stuff in the blog but if you want to really leverage the power of blogs for search engine optimization then produce insightful, knowledgeable, and helpful articles that your target audience is seeking. Research is actually the primary activity carried out on the web. In fact, 70% of all internet activity starts with a search and this figure climbs to over 90% when talking about business usage. In addition, almost every blog post is indexed individually by search engines so it helps increase your chances of being found when people search on a variety of topics relating to your chosen keywords.

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