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Fairy Gate slot is set in a sun-drenched, magical fairytale forest, complete with an impressive fairytale tree. Does the slot also yield magical winnings?.

We played 1000 spins on Fairy Gate for this comprehensive slot review. Read on!.

Fairy Gate Slot Review

Fairy Gate is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with 20 paylines. The smallest wager is $0.20. Yes, we know you are more curious about this game. 

1. How Does Fairy Gate Work?

On the reels are four differently colored elves and the eternal J, Q, K and A. In addition, there is a Wild symbol (a joker) and a bonus symbol that you recognize by the word BONUS. Yes, nice and easy.

Spin three bonus symbols on your screen and you win the feature: Fairy Wild Free Spins, 10 free spins.

Magical: in addition to the five scrolls, you see in the tree a gate, which is normally closed, the Fairy Gate. However, during some spins, the gate in the tree opens and two additional reels appear. The gate opens completely randomly – you don’t have to turn a certain symbol for it.

On the two extra reels are exclusively, hold on, Fairy Orb Symbols.

If you spin one or more of those symbols, some positions on your reels change in Wilds and you get a free re-spin. This goes on until you no longer run Fairy Orb Symbols.

During the bonus round with 10 free spins, the Fairy Gate is open every spin, so every spin you have a good chance of getting extra Wilds.

2. The 1000 Spins on Fairy Gate

We played 1000 spins on Fairy Gate for this slot review with the minimum bet of $0.20 per spin.

We must say: the two magical reels in the fairytale tree make the slot. The standard role-playing game is not very exciting, except that you wait until the magic roles start to participate.

In the base game there are also not so many high prices. What’s hot? The highest prize that we managed to win without the magic reels is $ 1.20. 6x the bet. Certainly not a jackpot.

When the fairytale tree opens, there is magic. It is a pity that the tree does not always open, while it does seem that way. You see a flash of light and hear an exciting sound, but then nothing happens.

We shouted ‘YES!’ a few times, only to sink back to his seat without doing business…

If the magic roles do participate, then you can have fun! In total, we scored an open fairytale tree 14 times, with an average profit of $3.46. This included outliers of $11.30, $10.20 and $7.40.

The free spins then we got very little. Namely twice. That is a very stingy fairy tale. The first time yields $5.20. The second time is good for the highest price during the 1000 spins: $16.

After 1000 spins there is no fairytale win, but there is a magical loss of exactly $75 and that is substantial, given the low bet.

3. The Final Thoughts

Fairy Gate slot is a beautiful lock with a nice magical extra. Fun to play on, especially thanks to the two magical roles and the beautiful graphics of the fairytale forest.

However, although a payout percentage of 96.66% is very reasonable, we lost on the high side. Probably the bonus round normally starts more than twice per 1000 spins and we have just had magical bad luck this time.

We think, after you play this game, you should try pkv games 2021 so you can compare them to see which one is the best to give winnings for players. 

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