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Write song lyrics that people will want to hear. When musicians want to write song lyrics, they have to do it in a manner that will facilitate their success. It is obvious that the musical journey is not an easy one. What is some basic knowledge that an upcoming musician should know before they start to write song lyrics? Knowing when to write and what to do is also important when one is writing song lyrics.

The first thing that they need to do is to write from deep within themselves. Since lyrics can either make or break their career, writers need to invest their bodies, minds, and souls into their writing. The audience will appreciate a quality song, and this can only come after they (lyricists) give it their best efforts .

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Inspiration for song lyric writing often comes from the universal emotions and feelings of humans — love, loss, success, and failure. Writers are encouraged to write about anything and anyone that comes to mind; places or time do not matter. The ideas about the object may be true or imaginary, but the goal is usually to enhance the creativity of the mind in preparation for writing lyrics. Another key part of writing lyrics is to practice this on a daily basis.

After one has practiced and feels that he or she are ready to write song lyrics, one is advised to always choose a theme. Since they had been training with either people or things, musicians are usually advised to pick some topics, which can either be abstract like death or love or be an issue that is of national or international interest like floods, racism, or droughts.

After the subject or theme has been chosen, it is important for one to vividly show the plot, or flow, further developing the song. If the song is about a story, then some coherence in thought and arrangement of events have to be forthcoming. Sorting key points and joining them is vital when one wants to write song lyrics, especially since these points will form the verses. One also has to act keenly, so as not to spoil the lyrics by misplacing the points.

Unlike the usual everyday songs heard on the radio, Christian music lyrics are found to have more of an uplifting message. Christian music lyrics have purpose in their lyrics, and are written to uplift your attitude. Without even realizing it, these lyrics can change the outlook on your day! The music and lyrics listened to can affect your everyday life.

Many secular music stations and CDs have trashy lyrics; many of these songs have raunchy and angry lyrics and sounds. However, Christian music lyrics lean towards showing the glass being half full instead of half empty. They have optimistic lyrics, and tend to be filled with encouragement. Christian music lyrics show the way that Christ would want us to look at life, with joy and hope.

One example of great Christian music lyrics is Casting Crowns many uplifting songs. Their recent hit song, “East to West” from the album The Altar and the Door is filled with meaningful lyrics that show the love of Christ. This song depicts the struggle of a Christian to fully realize God’s amazing forgiveness. Like many Christian music lyrics, the bridges words in “East to West” are clear and truthful stating, “I know you’ve washed me white, Turned my darkness into light . . . I’m not holding on to you, But your holding on to me!” Like the lyrics here, many Christian music lyrics are hopeful and positive.

Words, especially put to music, are more impacting. The words you hear in a song affect your attitude more than you would think. Without even realizing it, the message of a song can be turned into something you unconscionably dwell on. Hearing a song repetitively results in having a song stuck in your head – Having those lyrics being repeated over and over again through your mind.

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