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All American Poker card game is a single player online poker game wherein the players’ objective is to achieve a winning hand. With lots of options F95ZONE available to make the game more interesting, players will always find new ways to enjoy this poker game. They can play multiple hands, adjustable multi-hand betting, plus the option to place their bets from one to five credits each round. Players will be surprised that the highest jackpot that they can receive can amount to 4,000 coins when they play the Royal Flush with five coins being played. All American Poker card game is free for everyone and goes by the standard poker rules on the game of hands.

The main goal in All American Poker card game is to make the best Poker hand all together from the cards a player is dealt with. There are various options to select from before a game starts. Players must identify how many hands do they like to play at the same time. They may also make a variation of the coin values by clicking on the Coin Value icon. They may place bets such as 5 cents, 50 cents, 25 cents, 1 dollar, or 5 dollars. By clicking on the Bet Level icon, players may set the amount of coins for each hand. In order to keep the cards that players want to hold, they must click on the Hold icon which is displayed on the card. To replace the cards that players don’t like to keep, they may do it by clicking on the Draw Deal button.

The main value of each hand is ranked according to the number of cards of similar rank or by arranging the cards in consecutive manner. A player wins once he/she has built any of these hands: Four-of-a-Kind, Flush, Three-of-a-Kind, Straight Flush, Straight, Jacks or Better, 2 Pair, Full House, or 1 Pair.

Winners also have the options to bet their winnings in the special Gamble feature offered in All American Poker card game, which can be enabled by selecting the Gamble button. This feature can be activated or disabled by modifying the Game Settings found in the Menu.

Playing the Multi-Hand can give poker players the more chances of winning since multiple results are possible. Most likely, the greatest potential to win huge prices is relatively higher if a player started out with good hand. This beginner’s luck only needs one or two poker cards that can possibly be changed to multiple hands. The rapid actions can keep the adrenaline rushing. Players may choose among three hands, ten hands, 52 hands, or even up to 100 hands.

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