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Blogging is popular with lot of people, young and old, rich and not-so-rich, professionals and freelancers, athletes and celebrities. Of all the blogs that are available in the Internet, blogs written by celebrities are the ones that are read the most.

Why is this? Simply because these people are celebrities, and people will care no matter what Justin Bieber writes on his blog, whether it is about the brand of shampoo that he uses, or his latest gig at an unknown island, or even as simple as him having zits.

As celebrities and athletes (or the assistants who write their blogs) write on their blog, it shares with their adoring public a part of themselves, which makes the blog seem like a personal letter.

For the fans, it feels like their beloved Kelly Stables celebrity is talking to them. Having these blogs written by celebrities, serves as the closest that a fan can get to having a conversation with their idol. Here are a couple of celebrities that are actively blogging.

Sally was not initially onboard with the idea of celebrating a milestone. She was not really in favor of an end of project celebration either. Her style was more along the lines of “you did your job, now get back to work.” Tom was able to win over by showing her articles from the Harvard Business Review and other publications Sally trusted to help reinforce the business value of showing teams’ recognition and appreciation.

It really was good for the team that Tom was on their side. He understood that most team members become more engaged when they feel like they are part of something that matters. Celebrating progress and achievements is a way of showing the team that their contributions are important. Ignoring accomplishments like Sally wants to do is dangerous to team morale. If Sally is allowed to consistently ignore team accomplishments and continue on with that “you did your job now get back to work” attitude, there is a significant risk that many team members will lose their motivation. In fact that loss of motivation could become contagious.

Sally would have been dismayed if she understood the degree to which Tom worked to keep team morale high. He did not just encourage big celebrations like this milestone celebration luncheon. Tom also celebrated some of the small events. When there was a week where all tasks were completed on time, he celebrated with a special treat. Sometimes he brought in bagels and sometimes he left everyone a quick “Way to go” voicemail. When part of the team resolved a difficult issue, Tom found a way to celebrate. After the team had been working together for 90 days he held a ‘Happy 90 Day Anniversary’ ice cream party for the team.

None of the team accused Tom of being silly. He took his sincere appreciation for his team of skilled professionals and turned it into many small (and some big) celebrations. In doing so he gave them a positive and rewarding work environment. While Sally might say, “your celebration is payday”; Tom would say “Let the celebration begin!”

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