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The gaming industry was rocked with the emergence of online strategy games around a decade ago. This was mainly due to the known truth that strategy games are often played on LAN or Local Area Networks. This is in accordance with the technology that was predominant before the development of the internet and the World Wide Web. Nowadays, games such as MMORPGs or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, RTOSG or Real Time Online Games and War themed Strategy Games are just three of the most commonly examples of games that are anchored on the power of the cyberspace using the information superhighway as the means to transfer information and data during gameplay.

According to the latest statistics, online strategy games are being played in different areas of the world including the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and China. Other countries such as the Philippines, China and Malaysia are catching up in terms of gamer population growth. The estimate of 500,000 strategy gamers F95zone playing different kinds of games last 2004 are no longer binding today. Recent statistics show that gamers all over the world number in the million at the least and still growing rapidly. The reason behind this is that using the internet has become a necessity as well as a pass time for all individuals of different races, ages and sexes, whether male or female.

A very good example of these popular online strategy games is the newly released StarCraft II from the world renowned in the world of gaming, Blizzard. This is a real time strategy game that allows a user to control multiple units, structures and the like. The feature of being able to bind into keys in order to give quick commands to multiple units and buildings is the main factor that makes this a strategy game suited for the best of minds. In order to effectively play this game, a lot of strategizing is needed together with a large chunk of focus and concentration on the part of the gamer. Today, tens of thousands of gamers are engage in playing StarCraft II, and the number is still growing as of the very moment.

Another good title in the wide selection of online strategy games is Red Alert III. Released around a couple of years ago, this game features advanced structures and weapons, particularly referring to military super weapons and arms. The main objective is to build a base and thwart any invading enemy unit from destroying such base. A lot of strategy coupled with the right units and buildings is the key in order to win this brilliantly made online game. Today there are several hundreds of different titles for strategy themed online games. The main point is that the player or gamer must be able to maximize a strategy to his or her advantage in order to become known in the wide world of online gaming.

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