Wed. May 25th, 2022

There are many ways to gain college credit faster than the classical approach. The magic is in the coordination. I chose a path that was not only highly effective, but was tailored to me. I have advised a number of other students who chose a variation on the same theme, accentuating their own strengths rather than strict adherence to mine, which would have caused them a level of difficulty greater than necessary.

Once you have all of the tools, you can mix and match and mold them around your life. That is the flexibility that comes with knowledge. If all you had was the classical approach to getting a college degree, you would be limited to what they quản trị khách sạn commonly offer in adult education: part-time status and night school. With what I have found, you will have many more tools to gain credit that can fit into the nooks and crannies of your time. Time you are used to throwing away can become productive. You will come to see that the cost of your degree in time and stress is much less than you have feared.

I could equate my achievement of earning a Bachelor’s Degree in one year to that of being a good juggler. You keep all of your balls in the air, so to speak, with a brief touch of each. All stay active until their purpose is served. The successful coordination of many elements at once is an aspect of time and project management. This is something I learned from working with the enormous timing charts that govern automotive product development programs. I developed a similar chart to control my degree program for a year, and stuck to it.

Getting your degree in itself is an achievement that is collectively greater than any knowledge gained within it. Your value to a company will be in the fact that you have taken on a great project and completed it. A project by the way, that typically takes four years to complete. How much more valuable an employee are they getting when you have been resourceful enough to have completed the same amount of work in as little as one year?

All the work I have ever done in my life can be equated to a series of small projects. There have been a few large ones; projects greater than my bachelors degree, but it is still hard to dwarf the formal version of a degree. Your bachelors degree is a terrific accomplishment and will gain for you universal respect. My only request is that once you achieve it, that you share with others what you have learned. Help them be all that they can, as quickly as they can. This kind of benevolence will put you in high regard for those you help, and you will reap the rewards of resounding goodwill for all the years ahead. Best wishes for a bright future!

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