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When Barbie strolled onto the world of dolls in 1959, everybody knew it will change the doll scene forever. Since Mattel introduced her, more and more girls all over the world fell in love with the most popular and lovable creation ラブドール. Aside from the dolls itself, Barbie and everything about her became quite a hit to so many endeared markets–especially her long-standing relationship with Ken Carson.

After the introduction of Barbie in 1959, the creators of the world’s most-loved doll decided to give her a companion in the form of Ken in 1961. Barbie and Ken, who was created by Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, Inc. were named after the creator’s daughter and son. Since their introduction as a couple, Barbie and Ken have been known to have on-and-off relationship.

The loves story of the two plastic dolls started when Barbie met Ken on the set of a TV commercial in 1961. since their first meeting, the couple has and been inseparable ever since. Through the years, the couple’s fans around the world followed their “perfect” love story. Everybody hoped that the two would end up together but the possibility was thrown into flames when the two decided to part ways in 2004.

After 43 years of being together, the world’s most famous couple in the doll scene has decided to end up their affair but claims it’s only temporary. Like the break ups of famous couples in Hollywood, the break up of Barbie and Ken was big news.

According to Mattel vice president of Marketing Russell Arons, the plastic couple’s “business manager,” the break up stemmed from the fact that the couple wanted to spend quality time apart. And though their romance came to an end, the pretty ex-couple continued to friends. According to the news, the relationship ended because of the overwhelming pressure of always being scrutinized by public eye.

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