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Hemorrhoids are body structures inside the anal canal. Their primary purpose is to help the movement of feces through the anal canal. They become a severe problem when they become inflamed and start hindering with the passage of the stool. They usually present themselves with pain in the rectum and occasional bleeding when passing stool. There are various causes of hemorrhoids including low-fibre diets, stress, pregnancy and they are likely to affect people who have jobs which require them to sit for long periods of time. Although curable with effective disease management, they are more of an embarrassment rather than a problem in the majority of the patients.

Prevention of hemorrhoids is advised by taking simple precautions like taking a fibre rich diet. Most of the prevention techniques focus on keeping the stool soft so that extra pressure on the walls can be avoided. Drinking plenty of water has similar effects a course in miracles . Making exercise a part of the daily routine, especially brisk walking around 30 minutes in duration, has been found to be very effective against this problem.

There are various treatments used to manage the hemorrhoids problem. The most recommended and natural way of combating hemorrhoids for a miraculous cure is the increase intake of foods with high fibre content a course in miracles book . If such foods are a problem, fibre supplements can also be administered. Taking plenty of rest and having stiz baths also helps to manage the problem to a great extent.

Hemorrhoids are a recurring problem in people. Once they develop, it is really difficult to get rid of them and most patients spend all their life living with the problem. Several herbal and natural cures have been proposed which, although not supported by FDA or any other agency, have shown results in patients opting for them. Hemorrhoid Miracle enlists these methods in great detail and informs the users about the course of action to be taken in order the make the problem disappear. Clinical trials on such remedies are virtually non-existent and thus their credibility is challenged all the time.

Hemorrhoid Miracle does not really tell us something which we have not all heard since childhood. The benefits of healthy diets, exercising, keeping the body active and getting plenty of sleep are advised by parents to kids even now but as we grow older, we set ourselves around our mundane routines and forget these instructions. As a result the body pays the price. It is never too late to return to healthier living commandments to make life fun.

That was a huge lesson and an even bigger turning point for me. I realized that giving up because I hit some bumps along the journey should never be an option. The smaller lesson was that I was going to have to fight for my son’s rights along every step of his education; the larger lesson was that no action is ever wasted. The decision that the Superintendent made that day many years ago set my son on a path that eventually led to him taking advanced classes in middle school and earning his place on the High Honor Roll most semesters. He still has challenges but he faces them head on with such a kind, compassionate disposition that I am often in awe; he has become one of my greatest teachers.

There are so many moments in our lives where we are given a choice. We never really know the outcome of choice A or choice B, but we are always given a choice. What I see now, looking back at that day sitting in the Superintendent’s office, is that I chose to believe that anything was possible. I chose to believe that miracles can happen in the simplest of circumstances yet I could not have known the future power of that choice and how it would affect our lives.

Miracles are something that happens unexpectedly to correct something and usually when nothing else works. Most consider it a miracle if a disease is suddenly cured that was previously considered incurable, such as a cancer or diabetes. But they also involve changed circumstances, freedom from imprisonment and, in some cases, freedom from execution.

During my time of working with the Spirit and being led to people for healing there have been many instances where things were suddenly healed. These incidences involved things like broken bones, broken relationships, and inability to get pregnant, addiction to alcohol and so on. They happened when the situation with the sufferer was such that they had nowhere else to go. In their heart they cried out for healing and for truth.

One lady to whom the Spirit led me with great power said that she had asked God if he is real to send someone. The following day saw me enter her shop and say to her “God sent me.” The tears she shed in response to those words told me that there was only one other who knew what she had asked secretly in her heart. The fact that a perfect stranger came from nowhere in answer to the request brought instant power for her healing.

The problem with these forms of contact is that they are private and no one really gets to hear about them. The religions have brainwashed their congregations to believe that such things are not possible and that anyone who talks about them is of the devil. In other words, anything that opposes the establishment is considered fake and to be avoided.

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