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Woman’s Day Magazine is focused on the average woman. This magazine was created for the everyday woman It was made for the mid western mom who spends most days driving kids to school and sporting events who is always thinking about what to make for dinner that night, not the single executive who has never actually cooked anything before and whose biggest concern is how to get the new Gucci bag that is hot this season. Woman’s Day magazine may not have the latest fashions or the biggest celebrity news, but it does cover the issues that the average woman is dealing with trying to balance a career, a home and a family.

Woman’s Day is published each month. It can be found at grocery stores, drug stores, discount stores and some department stores. The cover usually features food made from a recipe found inside that issue. The main features in the magazine include cleaning tips, health news, weight loss news, recipes and fast dinner ideas, makeup tips and budget friendly tips and articles. Most of the articles and sections of the magazine are focused on helping women to make their lives easier. Tips include things like how to clean your house in 15 minutes and dinner ideas on a budget.

Woman’s Day was first published in 1931. It was made exclusively for the A$P grocery stores and was designed to provide meal ideas for customers. At this time it was also free. IN 1937 the magazine expanded to include crafts, home décor, health and childcare information and cost 2 cents. It was still only sold at A&P grocery stores. In 1958 A&P sold the magazine to Fawcett Publications. When Fawcett was sold in 1977 to CBS the magazine division was sold to Diamandis Communications. In 1988 the magazine again switched ownership becoming part of Hachette Filipachhi Medias.

The magazine now has a circulation of about and publishes issues a year. You can pick up a copy at various retail outlets now, not just A&P grocery stores. The magazine also has a website that publishes information from the magazine and extras for visitors. The website is reported to have almost as many visitors as the magazine has subscribers.

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