Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Gambling is something that has and produces more negative effects than positive ones. And one of them is gambling makes depression for the players. for this reason, the government is always trying to be able to fight gambling so that people are not involved or trapped in the gambling circle.

Gambling itself seems to be a trend for now among the community where we can see a lot of people playing gambling at this time domino99 . Many people do not realize that gambling will give nothing but only losses.

One of the losses generated by gambling is that the player’s money can run out due to defeat. And because of this finally gambling makes depression for those who experience defeat. Not a few people who lose money from gambling experience stress or depression.

Seeing the seriousness shown by the government to be able to eradicate gambling in this country, it is fitting that we support every movement or government effort to crush gambling. Because besides gambling makes depression as described above, gambling actually also causes a lot of losses in society.

It’s like narcotics, gambling itself is like an addiction which makes players unable or difficult to stop. So that the effects caused by gambling, one of which is gambling makes depression unavoidable.

The government also applies a criminal status to those who do gamble, and all gamblers caught can be prosecuted. And one of the types of gambling that is difficult for the government to eradicate are online gamblers.

The reason is because this online gambling can be played only using the internet where the address on the internet site usually changes and moves, so the government has difficulty being able to reveal who is the mastermind behind the online gambling site. And various online gambling games that are currently circulating, including online poker, dominoes, DominoQQ online and many more.


In addition to gambling makes depression, there are still many negative effects caused by gambling. These effects include gambling making bankruptcy, gambling wasting time, gambling is also easy to make emotions and many more effects that can be caused.

Of course this should be avoided in society. Know, gambling will not produce any positive effects but only negative effects. There is no victory or luck there, there is defeat and loss and destruction.

Ulama or religious leaders in many Moslem country have agreed to prohibit gambling for their followers. Let alone playing, even approaching it has been forbidden by the respective religious leaders. Therefore, stop gambling from now on.

Take care of your mind, your body and your family. Also protect your money, which of course can run out due to playing too much gambling. Start instilling in yourself that you are sure to stop gambling. Also instill in yourself that you will not come back to approach or join the vicious circle of gambling again.

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