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If you are like millions of women around the country it seems as though we are constantly on the run. Between work, errands, shopping, school activities, family events, doctor’s appointments… there really is never enough time to get it all done. Usually taking care of yourself, especially how you look, is one of the last things on the list and often doesn’t get done at all. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a fast and easy solution to having natural and beautiful looking skin. It’s called Mineral Makeup.

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Mineral Makeup is fast emerging as a favorite among American women as we become more aware of what we are putting on our skin and how that effects how we look. Not all Mineral Makeups are alike but Pure Mineral Makeup is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic with no artificial chemicals, additives or animal by-products, waxes or fillers 防曬好用. It is actually calming and healing to the skin and is the only makeup recommended by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists following surgical skin and facial treatments.

Not only is Pure Mineral Makeup actually good for your skin it provides excellent coverage while feeling lightweight-like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. It gives you natural, healthier and younger looking skin.

For the woman on the go, the benefits of Mineral Makeup are many. The newest Mineral Makeups come in a Pressed formula so there is No Mess. And no time wasted cleaning loose minerals off of your countertops or floor or changing your shirt (again). Pressed Mineral Makeup is also very easy to apply: a few quick brush strokes in any direction and you’re done.

Some Mineral Makeups come in convenient compacts so you can just throw them in your purse and go. But Mineral Makeup is very water resistant and, even through a strenuous workout, doesn’t rub off. So there is usually no need to reapply your makeup at all throughout the day saving you precious time.

The essential components of all makeup would remain the same irregardless of the type of makeup or brand that you use. The basic difference lies in the fact that each type of makeup uses different formula with varying amounts of additives. In addition, makeup brands would even differ in the type of additives that they use. These include fragrances, binders, dyes and pigments and even preservatives. You may think that the additive percentage within makeup is very small, so how could it make such a big difference among the brands of makeup?

The intensity of the makeup would be dependent upon the amount of pigment used to achieve the desired color or tone of the makeup; the amount of binder used would indicate how solid your makeup is to your touch, how severe it feels on your skin, and how natural in looks in the final application; the amount of preservative incorporated would determine the shelf life of your makeup and its consistency from batch to batch.

So you may have been told time and time again that makeup is makeup, but not all makeup are equal. Mineral makeup, for one, is a makeup like no other. It is one of the purest forms of makeup available; it does not contain many of the common additives that regular makeup may contain, all of which are known to irritate the more sensitive or acne prone skin types.

Mineral makeup instead contains simply what makes the makeup a makeup – minerals such as mica, zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Its pigmentation and coloration are naturally obtained from the earth, so that they do not add to the problem of skin irritations. In addition, mineral makeup is non-comedongenic. This means that it will not clog the pores of the skin. The possibilities of skin irritation and acne outbreaks are therefore greatly reduced. Some people even claim that the metal oxides that make up the mineral makeup (titanium and zinc) have both a soothing effect on the skin in and anti-inflammatory properties.

But despite all of these known facts and assumptions about mineral makeup, one thing and one thing only is responsible for its extreme growth over the last few years – mineral makeup is the alternative to other more classic compact makeup that women have been accustomed to for years. It promises to offer a more comprehensive coverage, and it promises to stay on for hours after its application. Mineral makeup can replace the need for a separate foundation, powder and even concealer which were all former necessities with any other makeup line. Instead a single shade of mineral makeup now performs all three jobs seamlessly and effortlessly. Most importantly, it does this naturally so that at no time does the wearer ever feel like she has a mask on!

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